Saving lives, forestry and empowering women Transforming communities
through the kitchen

Transforming lives through the kitchen

Every eight seconds, someone in the world dies because of the effects of inhaling fumes from open cooking fires. That is more than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined. Even with such horrific consequences, wood fuels still remains the major source of fuel for cooking across the globe, with 700 million people in Africa alone. Planet Green Africa produces and distributes affordable, clean and eco-friendly cooking fuel form recycling agricultural waste to tackle this global major issue, enabling low income communities in Africa access to clean cooking fuel.

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We aim to improve the development of tailored energy solutions linked to livelihoods, maximizing the benefits of clean energy access.


The silent killer calming millions of lives in majority world Kitchen – Cooking smoke:

Growing up, I watched my mother cook for hours in hot, smoky kitchen. I witnessed first-hand the negative impact of traditional cooking fuels sourced from trees on the environment and health. My mother suffered from respiratory tract infection and I still suffer from the consequences of this exposure to harmful inhaled toxic kitchen smoke.

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Transforming waste into Energy

“Nyasa Moto”- Which means Malawi Fire, is a biofuel block made by recycling Agricultural waste from farmers and turning them into a high quality cooking biofuel block. It is a biofuel block that we make bearing in mind the customers’ needs, lifestyle and culture. From my own lived experience, and research we knew that if we were going to be successful at creating long lasting solution we knew that competitive price and providing increases efficiency were the biggest variables for us to achieve our goal for our targeted market.

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Our community: Better together

Planet Green Africa is fully immersed in the local community with an inclusive model to reach our last mile. We believe the most sustainable projects are those driven by the people whom they serve. We work with small holder women farmers to procure the agricultural waste that is our raw material. We have an inclusive distribution model partnering with community women to sale and distribute in established kiosks within their communities earning them a commission.

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Communities are getting transformed

We pride ourselves as pioneers and champions in the innovative sustainable cooking fuel solution in Malawi with a profound impact on the Health, environment and economic issues. Supporting SDG1, SDG3, SDG 5, SDG 7, SDG 13 and SDG15.



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