Our community: Better together

Inclusive model driven by the people whom we serve.

Our Approach

Planet Green Africa is fully immersed in the local community with an inclusive model to reach our last mile. We believe the most sustainable projects are those driven by the people whom they serve. We work with small holder women farmers to procure the agricultural waste that is our raw material. We have an inclusive distribution model partnering with community women to sale and distribute in established kiosks within their communities earning them a commission.

We combine the clean cooking technology with a deliberately woman centered network in our value chain because we recognize the essential role women play within their households.


partner with small holder women earning them income by selling agricultural waste directly to us.


We innovating and working alongside our customers to continuously improve our solutions


Partnering with community women through 2 models improving their lives and communities.
1. Community Kiosk women Agents
2. Door to Door by bicycles Agents

Green Sister Kiosk Entrepreneurs

Recruits, trains and supports new entrepreneurs, and supplies them starter packs within established Kiosk as sales Agents to distribute and sale charcoal briquettes on commission.

Door to Door Entrepreneurs

Earn income and sell briquettes directly in communities door to door.