Why Our Work Matter

The Need

Growing up, I watched my mother cook for hours in hot, smoky kitchen. I witnessed first-hand the negative impact of traditional cooking fuels sourced from trees on the environment and health. My mother suffered from respiratory tract infection and I still suffer from the consequences of this exposure to harmful inhaled toxic kitchen smoke.
In Malawi Nearly 1 in 10 deaths is attributed to the smoke from the kitchen. Women in particular risk their lives carrying out what may seem like a normal part of everyday task “Cooking. Believing in safer, cleaner and cooking solutions are possible, I founded Planet Green Africa a social enterprise to provide safer cooking fuel option and work in tackling cooking energy poverty across venerable homes in Malawi. I want to inspire fellow women to lead the fight against air pollution in Africa!

In Malawi:


Nearly 1 in 10 deaths is attributed to smoke from the kitchen

98% of the population depends on fuel sourced from trees for cooking